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Masjid SOAS

The night before the anniversary
The typical angle of the mosque taken. 🙂

Another try out night shooting. The subject is SOAS Mosque. Shoot taken handheld using the show stopper with Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens.

Testing the baby…. pt 2.

Part 2…..

The flower from my cactus. It only bloom for a day or if not mistaken only at night. Lucky for me to spot it that night.

In the morning, while cleaning the house saw this “merbuk” playing after having a bath in one of the water puddle behind my house. Actually there were 3 birds, but 2 of them flew away. 🙁

Testing the baby….

The 2nd day with the gadget. So this is the few shoots made. Nothing special. Still learning and getting used to it.

The shoots taken in the afternoon after office hours.

The shoots taken at Stadium “Gerai Ramadhan” later that afternoon.

The night at Expo @ Bumiputera in Bandar Seri Begawan.
“Kuih Mor” The Old Timer… which is a must. Now comes with various of flavor.

Canon 40D

Coming soon to my hands…….