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Sunday At Serasa Beach

It’s just another ordinary Sunday afternoon, me and da missus went to Serasa Beach. It was 5:00pm and the traffic was so packed as usual. It took me at least 15 minutes from the main junction to enter the beach area, although on an ordinary day it would only take me less than 2 minutes to arrive there. Well it’s Sunday, what can i say.

Families having a good fresh air by the beach

Fishing Boat docking by the shore

“Merambat” at the pipeline

“Mangandang Kuasi” …..i think since it is “Malam Hari”

“Malam Hari” if I’m not mistaken called Dusk or when the day literary grew dark. As I remembered usually it was the time for the fisherman to catch a kind of fish called “Kuasi”. Good old days when I used to follow my uncle and in law going out to the sea. I should do it again in the near future.

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