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Bruneiana Celebration & Lunar Year Pt.2

Pictures of Seri Mulia Sarjana School (SMSS) Primary Student during the Bruneiana Celebration and Lunar Year which was held yesterday. Here for full sets of pictures.
My Princess…. Balqis
My 2nd Princess….. Humairaa’
The eldest grandson of the missus family… Qasfi Anakbrunei’s Daughter

No freebies …. got to pay for my pic

Bruneiana Celebration & Lunar Year @ SMSS

Students from Seri Mulia Sarjana School today celebrate the 25th Silver Jubilee National Day and the Lunar Year. The event starts by the singing of the Brunei National Anthem. Just stay there for a while and manage only to take few pictures of the Lion Dance and Drums Performance by the Secondary Student of SMSS.

Burning Car!!

Today the 2nd incident of burning car I witness within this month. It happen in the morning around 9:15am. I was just passing by the new Housing Area Kg Katok B when i saw black smoke over the horizon. I thought it was just another open burning. Since there’s no “U” turn nearby, I have to take a “U” turn at Jalan Beribi. Meanwhile I saw the Fire Engine going to the scene. I only manage to take pictures when the Fire Department Personnel dousing the fire.

The guy in green T-Shirt is the passenger of the car. As what I overheard, the fire started from the front dashboard of the car. He and the Driver manage to escape.

Proud to be Bruneian!!! Pt 2

Random set of pictures taken on the 23rd February 2009, the 25th Silver Jubilee National Day of Brunei Darussalam . To view all sets click here

Handing the tickets and getting the goody bags
Handing over the ticket
Mini Flags
Checkpoint for ticket
Having breakfast while waiting

Brutal from behind
From the front…
Media Center
Strategic area for taking pictures
Instructor at work
Cleaning up
Help on the way
Playing around
Relief from thirst
Waiting for the shuttle bus

And This is my shot of the day 🙂
LTD Authorities