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Farewell Lunch Ceremony


Today I join Mrs. HBK at the Scout Center for a  farewell lunch for the UBD Teaching Practice Teachers, Transferred Teachers and Retired Staff of SR. Kiarong . The ceremony started with the opening speech by the Head Mistress of SR. Kiarong. At the same time it was the presentation of prizes for the ASEAN Corner and tokens of appreciation to the Teachers and Staff.


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One of the senior teachers which recently transferred to another school says,


Working at SR. Kiarong for 16 years has make her a better teacher today and as the 25th National Day theme “Kedewasaan Bernegara” same goes to the experiences gained at SR. Kiarong “Kedewasaan Dalam Pengajaran”

And a representative from the Teaching Practice Teachers says,


We would like to say thank you to the Head Mistress, Teachers and Staff of SR. Kiarong for being supportive since day 1 we are attached to SR. Kiarong


Soon after the presentation the “Doa Selamat” was recited by the School Religious Teacher.

And the most waited moment of the day…….. makan time

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