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Secret Recipe @ The Mall

Secret recipe which is very popular to most of the people  in Brunei. To my knowledge a friend of mine who usually travel cross boarder to the neighboring place, Miri says he and his family would stop over to the outlet there just to enjoy the food serve. The first time I come across the name Secret Recipe was during the vacation trip to Kuala Lumpur  few years back.

In Borneo it self Secret Recipe have 3 outlet in Sabah and 4 in Sarawak with another one opening soon making it 5 outlet which 2 of them are in Miri. Now one will be opening soon at The Mall Gadong, Brunei Darussalam. So all the lovers of Secret Recipe will need no more to cross border just enjoy the food 🙂

_MG_6199 This banner I saw at 1st Floor The Mall, Gadong 😀

2 comments to Secret Recipe @ The Mall

  • noralyn sapatua

    i heard a lot of good comments about secret recipe…my friend work there at gadong, the mall branch….if i was given a chance of ms titanstar i love to work there too…im willing to assign at any field…MORE LUCK SECRET RECIPE!!!!!!!

  • muhammad

    i like cake n food secret recipe very deliciuse