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1st June Incident

All of these pictures are taken on the 2nd day I went to Tamu Kianggeh on Monday.

Initially my mood was excellent since I left home about 6:00am. When I just about to get out of my car, my hand phone take the decision to jump out of my pocket. It was frustrating to see my Sony Ericsson P990i laying on the road and when I pick it up it display nothing but just white screen 🙁 So I only stay there for a while taking a few shoots.

I went back to my car and I look at the phone again and again. It sure make my day when I took the decision to hit the phone hard on the steering wheel. Fuhh!! my phone back to normal. 😆

Here are some shots made that day.


Sunshade at the Tamu Kianggeh



Heh! Playing Hide an seek



Free fish for breakfast


Bokeh~ I just love it

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