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My Friday Activity

Yesterday me and the family went to Tutong. Going to Seri Kenangan Beach is our main intentions. But the weather was so hot and most of the swing and slide at the beach is not save to be played, so I drove straight to Kuala Tutong where Tutong River meets the sea. While we were there I started snapping around taking pictures when I saw a flock of birds by the seaside.I take the chance taking pictures of the birds. Well it was quite challenging taking pictures of  flying animals… 😆

Here are some shots that are useable 🙂

Bird @ Kuala Tutong

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-2  Bird @ Kuala Tutong-3

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-4

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-5

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-7

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-8

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-9

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-10

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-11

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-12

Bird @ Kuala Tutong-13

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