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Kg Tamoi Walkabout

Actually this pictures taken last week during the Kg Tamoi Competition. It was organized by the Admin’s of Brunei Forever Forum or also known as BFF. More than 20 members registered the competition. The group was lead by Mr Kulimpapat and Mr AirBiscuit. Here are some pictures not submitted for the competition…….

B&W by HBK

B&W by HBK-2

B&W by HBK-3

B&W by HBK-4

B&W by HBK-5

B&W by HBK-6

B&W by HBK-7

B&W by HBK-8

B&W by HBK-9

B&W by HBK-10

B&W by HBK-11

B&W by HBK-12

B&W by HBK-13

B&W by HBK-14

B&W by HBK-15

B&W by HBK-16

B&W by HBK-17

B&W by HBK-18

B&W by HBK-19

B&W by HBK-20

Thanks for looking… 😀

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