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Pasar Malam Gadong

Pasar Malam Gadong or Night Market Gadong is located at the Gadong Wet Market parking area. Usually it started at 5:00pm till midnight. It is one of the places where we can see tourist try Brunei local cuisines. Astro Famous Chef Bobby Chin is one of the Celebrity Chef make an appearance at the night market. The prices of the food at the Night Market are at the range of $1.00 to $2.00. Cheap and Fast that what I can describe about it.

Besides selling foods, there’s also grocery market and garments stalls. Actually there 2 shift of business activity at the Gadong Wet Market Parking Lot. On Friday and Sunday people sell flowers, orchid, Cactus, Vase, fertilizer and other gardening needs. This is only done early in the morning till midday. The second shift is the Night Market. Here are some pictures taken with my buddy MindWarrior who’s going back to Singapore today.

Pasar Malam by HBK-8241

Pasar Malam by HBK-8198

Pasar Malam by HBK-8200

Pasar Malam by HBK-8205

Pasar Malam by HBK-8206

Pasar Malam by HBK-8223

Pasar Malam by HBK-8268

Pasar Malam by HBK-8236 

Pasar Malam by HBK-8243

Pasar Malam by HBK-8227

Pasar Malam by HBK-8234

Pasar Malam by HBK-8257

Pasar Malam by HBK-8246

Pasar Malam by HBK-8270

Pasar Malam by HBK-8226

Pasar Malam by HBK-8273

Pasar Malam by HBK-8201

Pasar Malam by HBK-8274

Pasar Malam by HBK-8278

Pasar Malam by HBK-8281

Pasar Malam by HBK-8209


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