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Last Friday, I went to Tasek Lama Recreational Park just for a quick snap for pictures. When suddenly I saw a figure at the lake which looks like a big snake. When I approached the area it vanished into the lake. So I take the decision to sit by the lakeside just to wait for that figure to resurface. But surprisingly a red shell turtle resurface nearby. It was so unusual for me to witness that and as I can remember when I was still a kid, we used to go there to play but I’ve never come across a red shell turtle. I managed to take a few shots of the red shell turtle because any sudden movement made, it will just disappear into the lake.

Is it just me or is there any Tasek Lama goers have seen this creature? Not sure about that. When I showed this picture to some older people they said they never come across this kind of colored turtle. I tried to search through the internet and didn’t get any results of a red shell turtle.

I took me a week to decide whether to post or not these pictures. Not that I’m superstitious just that I am not feeling good about this. But the intention of this post is to share what I’ve seen and show the creations of Allah the Al-Mighty. So I say to myself, Why Not?


All of these pictures are taken in RAW format. No editing or post processing except imported to LR2.4, cropping one of the picture, converting it to jpeg format and picture shark for watermarking.


Red Turtle by HBK

The Crop Picture of the RED SHELL TURTLE

Red Turtle by HBK-2

Red Turtle by HBK-3

Red Turtle by HBK-4

The Red Shell Turtle Resurface on the right hand side of the lake

Red Turtle by HBK-7

The Red Shell Turtle Resurface on the left hand side of the lake

Red Turtle by HBK-5

Red Turtle by HBK-6

And This one resurface at the middle of the lake

2 comments to RED SHELL TURTLE

  • Melissa

    I saw those turtles there last few weeks too…! While looking at the waterfall, i was very surprised to see the turtles surfaced frm the water and i went nearer to have a look… they have red shells! Beautiful!!