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Consumer Fair Part 4 @ICC


“It is envisioned that the Brunei Consumer Fair will in the long run be at a level that is comparable with leading international event organizers. With strong support from both local and foreign exhibitors, the fair will be able to gain international reputation.

This observation was made by the Acting Minister of Industry & Primary Resources, Dato Paduka Awang Haji Hamdillah bin Haji Abd Wahab, who officiated the opening of the Consumer Fair Part 4 2009 (CF4) at the International Convention Centre (ICC) yesterday.” Click here to read more (Source Borneo Bulletin)

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-24

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-27

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-4

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-12

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-10

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-19


DJ IZAN of Pilihan Network (Which My Princess call RADIO IZAN) 😆



CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-40

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-41

Alan Chai Window Shopping for LCD TV

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-42

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-97

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-3

Wish Could Have One Of This….. 😛

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-109

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-110

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-25

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-74

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-75

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-39

CF Part 4 @ICC by HBK-14

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