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School Reopens today

Today all schools in the Sultanate open their doors to their students.  A screening was instructed to be made for all of the students coming to school. Thermometers and masks are provided for the teachers to check the temperature every single student arriving to the school.

As for teachers and staff of SR. Kiarong they started the day by screening all students arriving to the school. The screening were divided into two different zone, the upper primary and the lower primary. The parents were also helpful to make the screening goes smoothly. Some snaps that i made early this morning….

Sr Kiarong-5

Check Point Stop by this chap

Sr Kiarong

Sr Kiarong-6


Sr Kiarong-7

Upper Primary Section

Sr Kiarong-10

Lower Primary Section

Sr Kiarong-14

Sr Kiarong-16

Sr Kiarong-17

Sr Kiarong-21

Ada kau belayar lai?

Sr Kiarong-26

Sr Kiarong-33

GB & PGB with one of the parents

Sr Kiarong-39

Rechecking the on hold students

Sr Kiarong-46

Sr Kiarong-47

Checking …. but no reading 😆

Sr Kiarong-28 

2 by 2 pose

Sr Kiarong-32

Nasyid Pose….

Sr Kiarong-34

Atu takut~

Sr Kiarong-27

HEH!! No Komen….

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