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Error 99

7-17-2009 9-20-25 PM


Today was covering a Nikah event when the infamous ERR 99 pop at the LCD of my Canon EOS 40D. Luckily it happen at the very last moment of the ceremony. I didn’t do much to troubleshoot the problem. Call up Interhouse Co. Brunei since they are the sole distributor of Canon in Brunei. Arrived there exactly at 5:00pm, the service center was actually closing for the day. Although the service center is closing, the technician was helpful and took my camera for checking. He said that it has to stay there and will proceed with the troubleshooting tomorrow. If it can’t be done, the camera will be send off to Singapore for repair. 🙁



With this error 99 I tried to google this infamous error and directed me to this web page



and I felt that I’ve done the right decision by sending it to InterHouse Co. for the diagnosed.

From time to time, I see an "ERR 99" on the LCD data panel of my EOS Digital SLR. What does it mean?

ERR 99 appears to the user as a non-specific error code which can be caused by a wide range of malfunctions. However, Canon’s Factory Service Centers have access to various diagnostic tools that allow them to determine the precise cause of an ERR 99 when it occurs. This makes it relatively easy for them to diagnose problems such as a malfunctioning camera component, but it’s not a complete panacea because a variety of problems can be caused by the use of non-Canon accessories such as lenses, memory cards, battery packs, electronic flash units, etc. In cases like these, it is entirely possible that the Service Department won’t be able to reproduce the ERR 99 when the accessory that caused it is not present while the equipment is being examined.

ERR 99s are not unique to any specific EOS model. Unless you are a service technician trained to service EOS Digital SLRs, it makes no sense to jump to any conclusions about the cause of an ERR 99 with these cameras. Experiencing error codes is a frustrating experience for any EOS user, but when the objective is getting the problems properly diagnosed and repaired, it is usually best to let the Factory Service Centers do their job.

Source from TheDigitalJournalist

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