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Random Shot of Macro

Random shots of macro and close up pictures taken last week. Some of these pictures taken with Hoya Close-up Set + Rynox Macro Filter attached to 50mm 1.4




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Sungkai with My Parents

It have been 8 days fasting and today is the 2nd time that me and my family breaking the fast at my parents house. As what been done every year the 1st day of Ramadan is when all of us sit together breaking the fast with both of our parents.

For today it was just my eldest sis and myself since my brother is not yet back from offshore and the other sis is having an exhausted day at work. It was just a simple family sungkai. Here’s the pic i manage to shot after cooking. 🙂

_MG_2925My Specialty mee goreng… 😛

_MG_2927 Martabak Daging from CA Mohd

_MG_2928 Putri Mandi , Renjis & Linggang

_MG_2929 The Universe best Cucur Pisang by my mom 😆

My All time favorite

_MG_2930 Fresh Chili Crap from my sis


_MG_2959 _MG_2960

It was so enjoying having breaking the fast with them and as this word will always stick in my head forever to remind me.

“Masa bisdia ada ani jua. mun sudah nada nanti miana, siapa kan di aga” .

My Friday Activity





_MG_2830 With the girls for early Hari Raya Shopping

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Black & White

Just random sets of pictures from my previous outing and covering events. Not much I’ve done this 1st week of Ramadan. Not that it is fasting but I just felt not that energetic to go out taking pictures at the Gerai Ramadan. Hope to do it soon though. Here are some series of monochrome pictures.

B&W by HBK

B&W by HBK-2

B&W by HBK-3

B&W by HBK-4

B&W by HBK-5

B&W by HBK-6

B&W by HBK-8

B&W by HBK-9

B&W by HBK-10