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HBK Sunday Walkabout

Last Sunday I went to Tamu Kianggeh again with my good friend MindWarrior. He actually wanted to try out street photography. So the best place for the try out is at Tamu Kianggeh. Actually there’s a lot of interesting subject to be snap, but since both of us have other commitments to fulfill that day we only stay till 8:30 am.

_MG_1923 View of the sunrise at Beribi Roundabout

_MG_1925 View form the Jame’ Asr Roundabout


_MG_1928PGGMB Building



_MG_1932 _MG_1933 _MG_1935 _MG_1936 

All of the pictures above are taken from the starting point where my buddy park his car except the first two pictures. 😆 Stay tune for more pictures taken form that day. 😛

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