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Wasai Bedanu Pt 2

LE W. Bedanu

LE W. Bedanu-2

Going to the Wasai is not the problem if I’m not mistaken it took at least 10 minute walking down but going back up was the hardest part.. as my buddy MindWarrior count the man made steps it was about 150 steps and it is still half way up. The rest is jungle track. At least it took me 30 minute to reach back to the top.

LE W. Bedanu-3 View from across

LE W. Bedanu-4

The Wasai

LE W. Bedanu-5

LE W. Bedanu-6

LE W. Bedanu-7

LE W. Bedanu-8

LE W. Bedanu-9

LE W. Bedanu-10

LE W. Bedanu-11

LE W. Bedanu-12

LE W. Bedanu-13

LE W. Bedanu-14

LE W. Bedanu-15

The HUT made by the village people

LE W. Bedanu-16

LE W. Bedanu-18

LE W. Bedanu-19

LE W. Bedanu-20

LE W. Bedanu-21

LE W. Bedanu-22

LE W. Bedanu-23

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