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Hari Raya Open House

Pictures taken at my sister open house which was the 3rd open house on the same day that I attend 😆

_MG_3878 Self Portrait 🙂

_MG_3881 Self Portrait again with Mrs. HBK



_MG_3901 The Host Checking out the food

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Bunga Api

A few shots taken of my kids playing the bunga api during hari raya. While watching them playing took out the camera and tried a long exposure/ light trail of them playing the bunga api.







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Hari Raya Ketiga

A quick snaps of 3rd day Hari Raya 😆 We started the day by going to JC for a quick breakfast. It’s have been a month long not going there. Enjoy the food and but unlucky for us didn’t manage to get the hot buns 🙁 Well there always next time to go for the hot buns. 😆




_MG_3816 Kuning Kawin


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Satu Shawal 1430






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