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Soto Sungkai Gathering

Today all of us gathered at our parents house for our sungkai. It was great to have all of them sitting on one table enjoying the food. The main menu today was soto. The kaki kerbau soup was cooked by my eldest sister 😛 . If you only knew her, you’ll know that she reads ceramic cookware reviews first before buying, so rest assured she only uses only the best tools for her food. The soup “gearbox” was great with additional hati buyah and lada rindu by the other sister.

The best thing of this gathering is the love we all feel having to eat on the same table which have been the tradition of Family 467 for all this years. What else I would ask more? A big hand to all that have sponsored and manpower for making this gathering a success and an enjoying moments. May Allah bless all of us.


_MG_3115 My Must Have Drink.. Tea ‘O’ Panas for Sungkai

_MG_3088 Sup Gearbox


_MG_3095 Hati Buyah




_MG_1887 Side dish


_MG_1897 Me getting the soup for the kids 🙂

_MG_1899Que for the kuah

_MG_1884 Handsome kali ah~

_MG_1885 HEH! 😆






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