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SR. Kiarong Donation Ceremony


A presentation of donation for the construction of mosques in Kg Manggis-Madang and for orphans of Kiarong Primary School was held yesterday morning at the school’s premises.

Present as the guest of honour and to receive the donation was Pengiran Haji Idrus bin Pg Haji Mahmud, treasurer and mosque trustee of Kg Manggis-Madang. Also present were members of the Parents Teachers association, teachers, guardians and the invited students.

On hand to present donation amounting to $200, on behalf of the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) for the construction of mosques in Kg Manggis-Madang to Pengiran Haji Idros was Kamaluddin bin Haji Tampoi, the Chairman of PTA.

On hand to receive the donation for the orphans was the Principal of Kiarong Primary School, Hajah Sainah binti Haji Nayan who received a total donation of $2200. Seven orphans were selected to receive an amount of $50 each donated by the school.

Courtesy of : Borneo Bulletin

Derma by HBK-10

Derma by HBK-11 Donation from the School

Derma by HBK-19 Donation from the PTA

The students at SR. Kiarong received donation from the school which have been collected from the teachers and students of their school since the beginning of Ramadhan. This was the first time taking pictures of orphans receiving donation. What can I say by looking at their faces, makes me think how fortunate some people are to still have their parents. With Hari Raya Aidilfitri  just around the corner, what matters most during that day is to be with our beloved parents and asking for their forgiveness. Dust get into my eyes watching them.

Derma by HBK-64

Derma by HBK-25

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Derma by HBK-50

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Derma by HBK-71

Derma by HBK-72 Interview by RTB

Derma by HBK-87 The Recipient

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