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Prayer for the departed Pt.2

Last Monday I went to visit the Kianggeh cemetery which was my farther side. Today I went to Serasa Cemetery and Sarai Pimping Cemetery paying a visit for my grand parents and siblings from my mother side. Semoga roh-roh mereka di cucuri rahmat…. Amin

Ziarah by HBK-34

Ziarah by HBK

Ziarah by HBK-4Tinggi nyanta~. Due to health reason why both my parents didn’t join us at the cemetery.

Ziarah by HBK-5

My siblings + spouses and kids cleaning my late grandmother’s grave. The tahlil was lead by my brother in law in green shirt 🙂

Ziarah by HBK-8

Ziarah by HBK-9

Ziarah by HBK-11

Ziarah by HBK-14

Ziarah by HBK-13

Ziarah by HBK-15

Ziarah by HBK-19


Ziarah by HBK-20 

Ziarah by HBK-21 

Ziarah by HBK-24

After we have done at the “Kubur Bukit” then I went back home to pickup my parents for going to Sarai Pimping Cemetery.

Ziarah by HBK-30

Ziarah by HBK-26 Hjh Kamsiah bt Belaman

Ziarah by HBK-32

Ziarah by HBK-33 Hero of the day

Ziarah by HBK-35

Ziarah by HBK-38

Ziarah by HBK-39

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