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Rukyah Anak Bulan Shawal

Earlier this afternoon went to Bukit Agok to witness the sighting of the new moon. Quite interesting since this is the 2nd time that I’ve been able to be there this year. The oblivious difference are, the phone didn’t ring much during the sighting for the new moon of Ramadhan. But for shawal wow lot and lot of ringtones aired just after the Maghrib prayer.

Brunei Darussalam will be celebrating the 1st day of Shawal 1430H on Monday 21st September 2009.

Shawal by HBK Signing In

Shawal by HBK-3

Shawal by HBK-5

Shawal by HBK-6  Checking the Setup Chart

Shawal by HBK-8 Fine Tuning

Shawal by HBK-9

Shawal by HBK-11 At This View is where the moon will or not to be on sight

Shawal by HBK-19

Shawal by HBK-20

MEADE LX200GPS Telescopes

Shawal by HBK-21 

Shawal by HBK-25 

Shawal by HBK-41

Shawal by HBK-50 Calling it off for the day….

“Maka Dengan Tidak Sabitnya Anak Bulan Shawal, Bulan Ramadhan Wajiblah digenap kan 30 hari”

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