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Abstract Artist

Actually been visiting this place a few times during the past Hari Raya. This year I went again to this particular house in Rimba. It is the residence of Pengiran Timbang bin Pg Hj Tuah who is actually the uncle of my brother in law.

Pengiran Timbang is one of the Brunei Abstract Artist. He was one of the representative of Brunei Darussalam to Japan and other countries and he himself have won a few competition locally and internationally. Such a creative man when comes to creating abstract sculptures and paintings. I really adore his artistic work.

Thanks to Pengiran Timbang for giving me permission to take pictures of his master piece and post the pictures here at my humble blog.

How I wish I have my UWA lens at that time… 🙁

_MG_3929 My World

_MG_3936 Ambuyat & Cacah

_MG_3938 Old Used Zinc Roof




_MG_3944 Padian


_MG_3951 My Brother In law & Co














This sculpture was created by his son for a school project.

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