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Jalan-Jalan di Muara

Most people living in Muara area are full time or a part time fisherman who sell their daily catch here at the market. But why does the wet market empty? Where have they gone? Did they quit going out to the sea? The answers to all of the question can be analyze from the pictures that I’ve taken. 🙂

IMG_4497 hmmmm…

IMG_4498 Empty space at the PASAR IKAN

IMG_4499Gerai Sayur Empty too… 🙁

According to the old woman sitting at the 4th bench on the left, business are not that good nowadays, which make them to decide moving to one particular strategic place nearby.

IMG_4501 The only fast food outlet and on the background are Soon Lee Supermarket and Makro Jaya

IMG_4506 Snaps at the Old Base where fisherman park their cars and trailers



IMG_4510 Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures 🙂 Nice one bro!!

IMG_4512 Off to the new market place

When I say it is fresh, I mean freshly catch. This man has just came back from “membintur katam suri”. As what he told me they went off at 5:45am. The traps was set off late yesterday afternoon. So this activity will be done everyday.

All pictures below taken at Serasa Beach where the new market located.

IMG_4515 Their catch for sale at $5/kg and some are still alive

IMG_4516 Udang Galah


IMG_4517 Free Style Parking 😆

Stay tune for next post 😛

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