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Aidiladha Celebration & Birthday

With the occasion of the Hari Raya Aidiladha our family gathered at my sister house to celebrate it and at the same time celebrating my niece birthday. It was just a simple family gathering organized by my brother and my sister. What can I say when all of my niece and nephews in one roof, sure rock the house. 😆

To Fatin and Mubarakah, Happy birthday and to all my family and all the Muslim out there a Happy Aidiladha.

IMG_8666Self Potrait 😀



IMG_8673 Lontong….



IMG_8691   Shepherd Pie in the Oven

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SMSS Awarding Ceremony

Seri Mulia Sarjana School, Jangsak held an awarding ceremony for their 2009 student who have excel in their studies and obtain a top 3 during the final exam. The ceremony was held on the 26th November 2009 at the school waiting area. All top 3 student received their award that morning. My daughter was one of the student receiving the award. 🙂 Did a quick snaps during the ceremony.



Waiting….. 🙂




Nurul Najwa Balqis Batrisyia.. heheheh

(payah ni kan mengambar ia ah)

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Aishma & Helmi Bersanding

Bersanding By HBK-243

Bersanding by HBK-7210

Bersanding By HBK-99

Bersanding by HBK-7314


Bersanding by HBK-7363

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Gadong From Above

Long Exposure By HBK-6982

Long Exposure By HBK-7054

Long Exposure By HBK-7039

Long Exposure By HBK-7047

Long Exposure By HBK-7054

Long Exposure By HBK-7052

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