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A Day with my 50mm

As school going to start by end of this week, every parents are busy doing shopping for their kids for the upcoming school terms which will  commence on the 4th January 2010. Luckily for for me, the missus got her bonus earlier than the actual day. 🙂 So we made a head start getting the necessity for our princesses and here goes my day out with my 50mm lens…. 😆

Photo By HBK

Photo By HBK-2 

Photo By HBK-4

Photo By HBK-6 The Start Of Our Journey

Photo By HBK-11

Photo By HBK-10

Photo By HBK-15

Photo By HBK-17 JC Boys having fun

Photo By HBK-23 Next Stop YYSHB

Photo By HBK-25

Photo By HBK-26

Photo By HBK-27

Photo By HBK-37

Photo By HBK-29

Photo By HBK-34 Me and My Crocs

Photo By HBK-38 Plastic Accepted… 🙂

Photo By HBK-40 Looking at the new Canon 7D

Photo By HBK-42 Testing the 15mm F2.8 Fisheye at Hua Ho

Photo By HBK-47 Next Stop KOFOM Kiulap

Photo By HBK-48


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