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HBK Holiday Walkabout

Well it’s 28th December 2009 the day that all of the Government Servants been waiting for. It payday time!!! 😆 As time ticking, shops all over the state are been flooded by people specially parents who are doing shopping for their kids necessity for the new school terms this 4th January 2009. Well not much shots since it was just a quick snap with my 50mm… hehehe

Photo By HBK-2 Somewhere in Qlap

Photo By HBK-4 Muka ata sinyum~

Photo By HBK-6 Fuhhh banyak nye~

Photo By HBK-12 Banyak banar Upin & Ipin disana

Beetul Betuul Betul~

Photo By HBK-7 Bali buku ia~

Photo By HBK-9

Photo By HBK-11

Photo By HBK-13

Photo By HBK-15

Photo By HBK-19

Photo By HBK-20 Ada org bali HP baharu nie~

Photo By HBK-27 Photo By HBK-25

Photo By HBK-31

Photo By HBK-33 HEH mau jua yg baru nie

Photo By HBK-26 Self potrait ala2 Fish Eye 😆

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