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The Start of New Year

1st  January 2010, the first place we went to is the Chop Jing Chew Coffee Shop in gadong. What a way to kick start the new day of a year. Having breakfast there with my sister and family before going around to shop for school needs. Like it never been enough getting the necessity for the kids school things. 😆 Anyway Happy New Year To all.. may 2010 be a better year for everybody.

Photo By HBK

Photo By HBK-2

Photo By HBK-3

Photo By HBK-5

Photo By HBK-9 Ruti panas & Kuning Kawin

Photo By HBK-10 Photo By HBK-11 Inti Mentega…

Photo By HBK-17 Makan Talor 3/4 ia ni

After that we went to Pustaka Remaja getting additional needs for my baby fruits…. 😆

Photo By HBK-22

Photo By HBK-23

Photo By HBK-24

Then went to Mufakat Sports Shop to get sports gears… which ended getting a crocs

Photo By HBK-27

Photo By HBK-29 

Next stop Jaya Hypermart

Photo By HBK-31 

Photo By HBK-32 Test Baju skulah lai~

Photo By HBK-34

Photo By HBK-38 [Desktop Resolution]

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