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First day of Religious School


The first day of school at Sek Ugama Beribi. Well time sure files so fast. She’s studying in Year 2 at Seri Mulia Sarjana School Jangsak and as the regulation of any Muslim students who are in Year 2 must be registered to a religious school.

Things I do for love and for the sack of my children had been misjudged by someone whereby recently I was given a discipline letter for going out of the office frequently. I was just fulfilling my responsibility by sending them and picking them up from school in the morning. What to do? Myself can’t afford to hire a driver for them.  Well that’s another story……

To my beloved daughter, study hard and may both of you have a bright future as what my mom and dad always reminded me “ BANGKIT TUAH “. I didn’t fail to do it but just not as what both my parents had expected.

Photo By HBK-3 A smile that make my misery gone 🙂

Photo By HBK-5

Photo By HBK-7

Photo By HBK-10 1st stop before school Chop Jing Chew Coffee Shop

Photo By HBK-18 

Photo By HBK-21

2 comments to First day of Religious School

  • I feel u bro… Its such a challenge getting the kids to and from school and I thank you big time for helping out with nina d bartina last year! I still think the school bus is the most logical and sensible solution to this transport problem.

    However, unlike the bus services for regular govt schools, there is no free service for ugama schools. Even the paid service which I used last year came to an end for some reason and has never been resumed. MORA, sort it out pls!

    • HBK

      Every parents I think will have the same challenge to fullfill this responsibility bro. Specially when it have to do with going out of the office frequently. 🙁

      School bus, oh yes that's the exact solution but wait…. i've read about this transport thingy on Borneo Bulletin Weekend dated 09.01.2010…

      Ur welcome bro, feel glad that could help.

      Owh… no wonder most of the people that I know who use to have this self paid service transportation still making their way to the ugama schools picking up thier kids.