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2010 Flash Flood in Brunei

January 2009 we all experienced the worst flash flood happened in Brunei. Less than a year from the date, Flash Flood occurs again at most of the common places known such as Jalan Beribi, Jalan Jangsak, Bunut Areas, Gadong which are mainly in the Brunei-Muara District. More news at rano, here, here, here, here and here.

The first hit of flood happened during the midday rush hour at Jangsak which makes the road closed by the Police due to safety reasons. The jammed was more than an hour which I tried to use an alternate route thru Telanai which also jammed. Rerouting my self to Jalan Babu Raja thru one of the connecting road which was surprisingly also been affected by the flash flood 🙁 Bad choice.

The flood score hat trick at Jangsak yesterday. The first hit midday, the 2nd hit after office hours and the 3rd hit was about 8:30pm. Just a gentle reminder to all road user of Jangsak area to be extra careful during this wet season.


Photo By HBK-1 Jalan Pasar Baru Gadong

Photo By HBK-2

Photo By HBK-7

Photo By HBK-13

Photo By HBK-15 At one of the bridge to the Mall

Photo By HBK-16 Going back the same way… 🙂

Photo By HBK-18

Photo By HBK-22

Photo By HBK-28 Jalan Beribi from Kiarong

Photo By HBK-31 T-junction Telanai to Jangsak

Photo By HBK-32 In front Bangunan Hj Ludin Jangsak

Photo By HBK-33

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