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Daylight Break In

It happen at my house yesterday afternoon while was sitting in front of my computer doing some work. I heard a strange cracking sound from the kitchen and when I went to the kitchen to have a look the culprit has ran away…. lucky me. 😆

Photo By HBK-1 “ Hehehe…. aku dapat makanan…. baik jua bebuka tabuk nya”

Photo By HBK-3 “Nah ada tia orang meliat”

Photo By HBK-5 “ Baik tah ku naik sikit eh”

Photo By HBK-6 “Karas jua kan di buka eh. Ku gigit nda jua mau… taguh jua ~”

Photo By HBK-8 “ Tanggal jua ni kang gigi ku neh”

Photo By HBK-9 “Sangal ku eh…. nda jua mau2 nya kan di buka.. malas th ku majal ni… mcm nda nyaman jua sulnya”

Actually this is the 2nd time a monkey break into our kitchen. The first time the monkey did pass the blue cover container. Maybe because it saw the Gardenia Read Bean Paste Bun which make it pass the container. The monkey manage to take 2 buns at that time. Well this time no buns so just grab the container containing “kayu manis, kayu manah, bunga lawang & etc”. There goes our spices. 😛

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