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Chinese New Year Celebration

The Chinese temple in the heart of the capital was thronged by visitors yesterday morning as hundreds of people converged at the only Chinese temple in the country to witness the beating of drums, the clashing of cymbals, a feisty lion dance as well as to offer prayers in celebration of the Year of the Tiger.

In accordance with customs and traditions for members of the Chinese community – the first day saw throngs of people arrive at the temple to offer prayers as well as being entertained by performances staged by the Chinese community.

Local Malays as well as tourists also took the opportunity to watch the lion dance troupe in action which saw children patting the lions and feeding them red packets ‘Ang Pao’.

Source Borneo Bulletin

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2 comments to Chinese New Year Celebration

  • Amazing shots!! How do you handle the issue of taking photos in a temple, especially when someone is doing prayers? It is quite a delicate matter to me but you handled it quite well in
    your photos. Do you seek their permission first? :>

    • Thanks for your comment Sir.

      Well actually this is the 1st time taking pictures at the temple. For a newbie like me, What I really did was just following most of the otai's on how they did it. (Wished AB was there too) It's quite challenging actually, but I'm a bit lucky when most of the worshippers didn't mind (i think) me taking pictures of them. With the advantage of using a telephoto lens, distance was on my side. 🙂