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Kadayan Bunai

It’s  been quite sometime this song has been uploaded at YouTube. Well just enjoy one of the ethnic group of Brunei having such a talent…

Aku banaa banaa kan kao~

pasal aku luan sayang kan kao..

tapi kao… cuwang aah ku

biaaa kan cha ku unjaa yang bahaauu

uiii dangaaa sini jangan tah kan asi asi

nda ku kan baguna kao lagi

lagi lagi aku unjaaa lagi 2x


Sunday Macro

This series of macro are taken around my house. 😆 Actually didn’t plan doing macro since I’m very lazy. Actual intention was to have the whole day relaxing, then while have a smoke break outside the house saw something interesting.

Photo By HBK-02

Photo By HBK-04

Photo By HBK-05

This spider a bit hyper…

Photo By HBK-06

Photo By HBK-08 

Photo By HBK-11

Photo By HBK-12

Photo By HBK-16

This insect I saw at my battery charger… any idea what is this?

Night Macro At Tasek Lama

The first time doing night macro. It was so challenging getting a shot since I’m just using a 55-250 kit lens with raynox when the aperture setting at F 8 above. How much I wish having this lens… *cough* *cough* 🙂 Here are some useable shots that I taken that night.

Photo By HBK-06

 Photo By HBK-11

Photo By HBK-15

I know it’s not sharp … but just love the shots 😛

Photo By HBK-17

Nearly the same but with extra lighting

Photo By HBK-18

Missing 2 legs

Photo By HBK-21

Random Shots

Some random shots during my previous outing.

Photo By HBK-01

Photo By HBK-02

Photo By HBK-06

Taken at Bukit Shahbandar

Photo By HBK-07

 Photo By HBK-10

Photo By HBK-11

Taken at my Backyard

CANON EOS 40D | 70-200mm L F2.8 | 1.4X Extender