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Ahoa Burger

To all visitor/reader/viewer of this humble blog, would apologized to the lack update this few days. Got a lot of processing of wedding pictures to be done and need to deliver to my client. While I’m trying to keep on updating this blog, will let all of you enjoy and who know’s might try this…

Ever tried Lamb Burger? Why not drop by at a burger stall located at Jalan Limau Manis named AHOA Burger. Its only a simple small burger stall but the taste of the lamb burger would be a double thumbs up from me. Highly recommended is the Burger Kambing Special.

Location of this stall is before the junction Jalan Mulaut Tanjong Nangka. As what I did asked about the business hours, the stall will only operate from 11:00am till 11:00pm. Try to call or sms first before going there to avoid waiting…. 🙂 AHOA Burger- 7101606

HBK AhoaTaken from Wan Habib flickr.. 🙂

Photo by HBK 1Azzez Zainal who introduce me to this burger 😆

Photo by HBK 2

Photo by HBK 3

Photo by HBK 5

Photo by HBK 6

Photo by HBK 7

Photo by HBK 8

Photo by HBK 9

Photo by HBK 13

Photo by HBK 15Simple, Small but yet delicious and of course long ques at certain time

Prewed Azri & Siti

Photo By HBK

Photo By HBK-2

Photo By HBK-3

Photo By HBK-4

Photo By HBK-5

Photo By HBK-7

Photo By HBK-9

Majlis Bersanding Md Izrandi & Siti DahyatulQalbi

SPB Photo By HBK-1

Photo By HBK-12

Photo By HBK-35

Photo By HBK-51

Photo By HBK-146

Photo By HBK-238

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Wasai Subok Revisited

Photo By HBK-103 [Desktop Resolution]

A big *WINK* *WINK* *WINK* birthday shout to MY LOVING WIFE


Photo By HBK-3

Photo By HBK-4

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