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My New Born Daughter

Alhamdulillah… this morning Mrs. HBK successfully undergo an operation for our new baby… Actually the due date should be during the festive season of Hari Raya, but due to some complication, the Doctor made the decision to operate her today. Nevertheless I’m very happy to see her smile when the nurse brought her out to show me before they start cleaning her and make some standard treatment..

HBK New Baby-18

HBK New Baby-35

HBK New Baby-44

HBK New Baby-111 My 3 Princess

HBK New Baby-144

HBK New Baby-153

HBK New Baby-170  Will update more…. off to bed… 

BFF Official Outing @ Stadium

This is the very first time joining the seniors of Brunei Forever Forum for an outing during the month of Ramadhan. Thanks to Amri aka Kulimpapat for organizing this outing. Didn’t snap much since got to rush for breaking the fast at the in laws house later that afternoon. Here are some snaps that i manage to make during the outing…

Photo By HBK-14

Photo By HBK-15

Photo By HBK-17

Photo By HBK-18

Photo By HBK-23

Photo By HBK-28

Photo By HBK-30Bump with an Old Friend with Co’s

Photo By HBK-31    

Soon after that since got no idea what to shoot. Take the risk changing the lens to my kit and Ultra Wide Lens trying slow shutter… 🙂

Photo By HBK-35

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HBK Ramadhan Walkabout

The month of Ramadhan meaning that all of the Muslims in the world are fasting during day time. During this month too is where there’s a lot of  food stalls selling foods for breaking the fast. One of the places are parking area Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah. I  went to there to get some food for breaking my fast. Some snaps I manage to make while strolling ….

Photo By HBK-27

Photo By HBK-2

Photo By HBK-3

Siapa jua nda ….

Photo By HBK-4

Photo By HBK-5

Photo By HBK-8       

Photo By HBK-10 Ni nah yang ku bali…. nyaman tuuuu

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1st Day Of Ramadhan

4863222068_1aa05ee41a_z Courtesy of Wan Habib 

Ahlan Wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan. Ramadhan Karim. I felt very fortunate to meet again with the holy month of Ramadhan the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar. In this holy month there’s one night which is more better than a thousand month, the night of Laitul Qadar and on this month also the first verse of the Qur’an were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

Alhamdulillah, again this year on the 1st Ramadhan, we all gathered at our parents house for breaking the fast. The most memorable moment to me when all of us sit together with both of our parents. May Allah bless our family and to meet again on the next Ramadhan… Insya Allah..

Photo By HBK

Photo By HBK-3My yearly specialty… 😆 

Photo By HBK-5Tukang Kaut

Photo By HBK-6

Photo By HBK-7

Photo By HBK-9

Photo By HBK-10     Kurma Kurnia

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