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HBK Ramadhan Walkabout

The month of Ramadhan meaning that all of the Muslims in the world are fasting during day time. During this month too is where there’s a lot of  food stalls selling foods for breaking the fast. One of the places are parking area Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah. I  went to there to get some food for breaking my fast. Some snaps I manage to make while strolling ….

Photo By HBK-27

Photo By HBK-2

Photo By HBK-3

Siapa jua nda ….

Photo By HBK-4

Photo By HBK-5

Photo By HBK-8       

Photo By HBK-10 Ni nah yang ku bali…. nyaman tuuuu

Photo By HBK-12 Pantai Sutu?

Photo By HBK-15 Ramai yg bebaris ni arah pak haji ah….

Photo By HBK-17 Pebret c MusDineyfoto nie

Photo By HBK-21 Hidup Di Raban.. Dah kana Goreng pun kana kurung jua… mcm th kan lari… 😆

Photo By HBK-22 Baik makan nya si anu ani

Photo By HBK-23 Nth apa nya anak atu… beranti tia makan… kesian

Photo By HBK-24Berasap tu…

Photo By HBK-28

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