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BFF Official Outing @ Stadium

This is the very first time joining the seniors of Brunei Forever Forum for an outing during the month of Ramadhan. Thanks to Amri aka Kulimpapat for organizing this outing. Didn’t snap much since got to rush for breaking the fast at the in laws house later that afternoon. Here are some snaps that i manage to make during the outing…

Photo By HBK-14

Photo By HBK-15

Photo By HBK-17

Photo By HBK-18

Photo By HBK-23

Photo By HBK-28

Photo By HBK-30Bump with an Old Friend with Co’s

Photo By HBK-31    

Soon after that since got no idea what to shoot. Take the risk changing the lens to my kit and Ultra Wide Lens trying slow shutter… 🙂

Photo By HBK-35

Photo By HBK-36

Photo By HBK-38

Baik jua ayam ani taranah… 😆

Photo By HBK-45

Photo By HBK-49

Photo By HBK-53

Photo By HBK-61        No tripod so need to improvise to make the shots… notice the bar on the last pict … that’s how it did it.

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