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Baby’s Day out

It has been a month and today Nurul Najwa Mariyatul Qibtiyyah went to Rimba Health Clinic for her 1st appointment. Some shots I’ve made on her day out to the clinic.. .here goes

Photo By HBK-1

Photo By HBK-5 Are we there yet!!

Photo By HBK-10 At the Clinic waiting area

Photo By HBK-8 Sleeping ….

Photo By HBK-14 Killing time at the waiting area.. WTD

Photo By HBK-17 Height measuring area

Photo By HBK-22 Getting Undress..

Photo By HBK-23 800gm gain … not bad

Photo By HBK-27 At the nurse work area

Photo By HBK-26

Photo By HBK-30 The Crying Room 😆 Why?

Photo By HBK-34 After 1hour 30min waiting…

Photo By HBK-38 At the crying Room.. That’s why…

Photo By HBK-42 Next stop Jing Chew Coffee Shop.. 😆

Photo By HBK-43 Kebisingan kali ia… meja ani pun rah pisuk2 nie

Photo By HBK-46 HEH!!! Roti Panas

Photo By HBK-52

Photo By HBK-53 Lastly at Seri Mulia Sarjana School waiting for her sisters back from school

Photo By HBK-57

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