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HBK and Co. Goes KNK

Haven’t got much time going out with the Co. doing KNK (Kenali Negara Kitani). The last time I remember making a tour most of the rural area of Brunei was early this year. So make a simple plan with Mrs. HBK for a KNK trip around KG Lumapas.

We start the trip around 10:30am by having a brunch at RCC Restaurant. According to the mileage meter on my car we travel about 200km from start to end of the trip which actually ended at 5:30pm by having an early dinner at Singa Chicken Rice Restaurant, Tanjong Bunut. It was fun knowing places that we have never been or visited before.

The trip start from the far end of Kg Lumapas – Kg Sungai Kebun – Kg Kasat – Kg Putat and the area nearby.


Photo by HBK-2

Somewhere at Kg Lumpas

Photo by HBK-4

Further inside… maybe a few kilometers from the main road

Photo by HBK-6

Photo by HBK-8

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Sunrise at Sungai Kedayan

I’ve been thinking to shoot SOAS Mosque from this angle for quite sometime. Today my dream of doing it came thru when a friend offer an outing at Sg Kedayan river bank. We set out at 5:00am and park our car nearby the muslim graveyard which is also known as “Kubur Jambatan Rangas”. Why the name? Not really sure about that.

The location for this sunrise outing are just outside the yard of Brunei Supreme Court, where we have to cross the main road and over the thin piece of wood to cross the monsoon drain…

Here are the result………….

Photo by HBK-4

Photo by HBK-8

Photo by HBK-11

Photo by HBK-14

and my so call HDR

Photo by HBK

After this magnificent sunrise went back home and getting ready for my KNK drive around with the family… will update soon..

She’s 3 month….

Hopefully could update her pictures every month…..

Photo by HBK 8

Photo by HBK 9


While going back from Tasek Lama me and naliazor saw this beautiful sky of sunset… so we rush to the best place capturing the moment although it’s quite late to get the best moment… Smile with tongue out

Photo by HBK-17

Photo by HBK-20