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HBK Saigon Walkabout Pt. 3

This would be my last post of my Saigon walkabout…. hopefully would have the chance going there in the near future, even though there’s a misfortune happening to me during my stay there. Lost a few hundred Singapore Dollars, USD, BND and RM. It happened while I was taking a shower in the hotel. Can’t really remember the hotel’s name. But for sure if there’s a next trip going there I would go to another hotel with full precaution. Self note “NEVER LEAVE YOUR WALLET IN THE ROOM UNATTENDED IF YOU’RE STAYING ALONE”

Photo by HBK-86

Open-mouthed smile Again spotted

Photo by HBK-89

The HI way…

Photo by HBK-91

Honestly can’t really understand the traffic

Photo by HBK-99

China Town Monument

Photo by HBK-100

Having Lunch here at 6:00pm Brunei Time Devil

Photo by HBK-102

Photo by HBK-109

Mosque Across the Restaurant

Photo by HBK-112

Photo by HBK-120

Photo by HBK-123


Photo by HBK-124

Lot of tourist here

Photo by HBK-125

Photo by HBK-127

Over head Power Supply for the night market

Photo by HBK-128

Photo by HBK-131

Photo by HBK-138

Photo by HBK-139

Photo by HBK-140

These Ladies Shop while on the bike Rolling on the floor laughing

Photo by HBK-132

Photo by HBK-147

Waiting for the flight back home… flat broke Sad smile

Photo by HBK-157

Photo by HBK-159

Photo by HBK-163

Photo by HBK-171

A special thanks to my best buddy Naliazor for lending me the lens.

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