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Birds… My 2nd Attempt

My 2nd attempt shooting birds at Muara Beach during our family picnic. Not as I expected since there’s a lot of people and the egret are not much around. So only manage to capture this beautiful fast flying bird locally name PIPIT  & Friends. Open-mouthed smile With my passion wanting to capture this flying creatures, unaware  I got stung by earing bees “penyangat anting-anting” lol. sure it make me do slapping dance + step dancing… kekekeke

It's my style and I'll do it my way

Mcm kenal yg di bawah ah!!

It's my style and I'll do it my way

Eh sama jua tu makanan ah… dimana ia dapat tu ah!!

It's my style and I'll do it my way

Baik ka sei’ing ku hindik kang~!!!

It's my style and I'll do it my way

Ka’as kan muha ku tu!! ka sei’ing pipit!!

It's my style and I'll do it my way

Tajun tabak kalie ah!!

It's my style and I'll do it my way

makan nda ngampiti dangan… ta’abang th ku eh.. tais ja lieo cium bau kambing ah~

It's my style and I'll do it my way

Bukan buung nie..!!

Nyaman tu aing titik2 ah… haie g hangat hantap

Family Day Out

Yesterday we went to Muara Beach for a picnic. As usual the beach was pack of people since it was a public holiday. My nephew manage to get a spot for us. According to him, he arrived at 6:45am to get a spot where some of the place have been book by people. Wow.. how early did those people arrived?

Muara beach have undergo a major facelift and since that it has been popular to people near and far of this beach, but unfortunately the road leading in and out  need to be widen and more parking space for beach goers to park their car.







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She’s 4 months today




Taken during our picnic… more on that on my next post..


ada berisi ada yang kurus,ada melencong ada yang lurus bukan semuanya tulus
ada sempuna ada kurang upaya ada yang jadi buta hanya bila sudah kaya
sebesar rumah bermula dengan sekecil bata,boleh hilang dalam sekelip mata
ucaplah alhamdulillah bukannya sukar, kerna semua nak kaya atau besar
tetap Allahuakbar!!!


Click here for full lyrics

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah

The prefect word. Why? It has been more than 30 years since I was born to this world as a son to my beloved parents  and “the” smaller brother to my siblings and now a husband and a father to 3 beautiful princesses. To my wife Alhamdulillah for being such a wonderful, fantastic and loving  and most important thing is being patience with me.

Thanks for the treat …..





Before watching Narnia…


Next Stop Seri Qlap Cineplex






taken by da missus…. me at *cough* years old….

karas tu!!!

and lastly thanks for my sister and family for the video call and singing the birthday song and wishes…. u guys rock!!!