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Pilong Rock

Map Courtesy of Airbiscuit from his HTC Wildfire GPS

Organized by Airbiscuit a super outing to Pilong Rock which is located off shore Muara Beach. We all gathered at Searsa Beach at 4:30. Soon before leaving a short Doa recited by one of the BFF member, Eric for a good blessing from ALLAH S.A.W. Which eventually we all need that due to the rough sea condition soon after going thru the man made canal of Tanjong Pelumpong.

Arriving there about 30min later. We all started to visualized the best spot to capture the magnificent view of Pilong Rock. My mistake was not attaching my CPL Filter on my UWA Lens… I really regret this Sad smile

Short info about Pilong Rock or Pulau Pilong-Pilongan:-

On the day of the fight, many people came to watch it. The fight commenced with the roosters pouncing, pecking, attacking and kicking each other cheered on by the excited spectators. Suddenly Asmara flew out of the ring followed by Mutiara. Asmara had been stabbed during the fight and was seriously injured. Asmara fled out of sight and succumbing to his wound, fell down into the sea turning into a rock becoming an island (Pulau Pilong-Pilongan). Mutiara who tried to give chase, fell into the river cursed by the King of Majapahit. He too turned into a rock and became an island (Lumut Lunting).

Source: http://bruneiresources.blogspot.com/2007/06/2-brunei-bay-legends.html <==Click Link for full story


A Warning




Mr HAWT aka Airbiscuit







This is the reason why I regret not using my CPL filter Angry smile

“Mahal Saja Dibali” word of wisdom by ERIC


Should return here in future. Might be for sunrise since the location is just right, but this time I’ll have to wait for a good calm weather and a morning high tide. By then hopefully my brother in law’s boat will be ready for this trip.

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