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Muara Beach Walkabout

It’s Saturday today, my last weekend before starting back to work next Monday. Went to Muara Beach with the family since I guess there won’t be lots of people at the beach. Well sure there were people at the beach but it was not that packed as any Sunday. We strolled along the beach and managed to find a place to chill and relax.

The kids as usual brought along their sand castle equipment 😆 and for me, sure I did bring along my gears just in case there’s some interesting subjects to be captured. My luck struck when I saw some birds near our relaxing place…

Next on my plan is a family picnic here…..

Photo by HBK 1

Photo by HBK 2

Photo by HBK 4

Few of the signs at the beach

Photo by HBK 3


Pilong Rock From Muara Beach

Photo by HBK 7

Curious of something I’m reading … Green Beach

Photo by HBK 8

No 37 “ No rumah kami di [masged] lama ni”

Photo by HBK 27

They Just love to play with the sand

Photo by HBK 30

NoteTerbang bawa ku terbang~Note

Photo by HBK 85

Photo by HBK 87

Oh…. About the birds. It will be on my next post… Stay Tuned Smile with tongue out

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