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Malam Berbedak Hjh Hamdiana






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Hjh Hamdiana & Hj Zairul |Nikah

Sneak Peak for today Nikah Event at Kg Selayun….

Wedding By-3

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Wedding By-6


The word "Orb", from the Latin orbis ‘circle’, is another name for a round object, especially a disk or a sphere. Did some orb photo a few years back. I just love the circular outcome from editing a rectangluar picture. Click here and here for my previous posting on Orb Of Life.


4 Dome-2 copy


Photo by HBK-16 [Desktop Resolution]

The Last Dawn of 2010

Taken at the last dawn of 2010 with my best buddy naliazor at Tasek Lama. As usual we set off at 5:00am which actually the planned was made at 2:30am while chit chatting online. As we arrive there most of the people are there for their daily exercise routine. But for both of us was just another macro outing.

Geared with Canon EOS 50D + Flash 580EXII  with 50mm F1.4 + Kenko 1.4 TelePlus Pro 300, and +1,+2,+4 Hoya Close Up Filter for this outing. Again no flying insects etc. this time. So we just shoot what ever we can consider as an interesting subject.