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Away for the time being….


I’m going to miss this bungalow. I lived here for almost 10 years with the encouragement of both our parents for  us to be independent. Living by our self taught us all about how to manage our own daily needs . It was quite challenging at the beginning but as time passed by we managed to coop up with all the odds.

Memories living in this neighbourhood are priceless where all the neighbours are friendly and does not make us feel like stranger living among them. People will say living in this area are so stressful especially during the peak hours. Lot of complaint in the papers regarding this infamous JALAN JANGSAK…

Now we are busy packing our things to move to a new place and a new neighbourhood, since we were instructed to move out within three weeks Angry smile. All must go before end of April… Oh mannnnn!!! It is so stressful since mid April I got 1 event to cover in Selangor and another 1 by the end of April… Hope everything will be done and I’m fit enough to deliver the work for my client.

Will try to update this humble blog from time to time and I hopefully that my internet connection will be up soon at the new place.

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