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Notice:Removal of Previous Post


To all the readers/visitors that have browse my previous posting I would like to inform most of the pictures are done by my good buddy which my bad giving it my own watermark.

With all do respect I remove the previous shots regarding the coverage of a wedding ceremony. I sincerely apologize to photographer/ my good buddy who was covering the event with me. I admit that I’ve posted his shots without his verbal or written permission using his shot posting here on my blog.

Thanks for reminding me regarding the intellectual properties which I’m really not aware or maybe over look this matter. Please do accept my apologies on this matter. Hopefully this kind of matter would not happen again and to all the photographers that have been helping me on any events that I ‘m involved. Please do accept my apologies if I’ve posted any of your shots without crediting the person behind the view finder creating the shots.




Hj Bakhtiar Hj Ismail aka Hard Break Kid

2 comments to Notice:Removal of Previous Post

  • Kulimpapat

    Kadang2 sesuatu yang damit d mata tani ketani ambil mudah saja G… walhal harga sebuah persahabatan lebih mahal dari segala2nya…. Jangan sampai kitani kehilangan baru tani merasa bertapa berharga bahawa selama ani iyatah namanya nikmat tu… Jadikan saja satu pengajaran dan pengalaman hidup…..

  • manecdiomar