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Flash Flood…..

Yes it is a flash flood indeed. It happened during when all the people were sound asleep. My dad woke up at about 1:00am this morning and to his surprise there was water in the living room. As usual he checked around and Oh Shit!! the water came from the toilet bowl where this problem had started for more than a week. It was not the first time it occurred.

The first time it happened in 2010 and we did make a proper complain to the relevant authorities. But to our surprised the person who answered the phone confidently gave us the solution, to call for a septic tank cleaner without asking where or what the fault is. Ok that is another story.

On the 29th Mei 2011 it happened again when a strong lighting struck and damaged the electrical device. Then again we make a call and sarcastically the person who answered the phone said “ PAGI PATANG SUDAH KAMI MENGARAJAKAN NI” as if we demand so much. Which we only call to ask what is the situation of the problem.

Well the “pagi patang mengarajakan” was proven today that no action was done when heavy rain fall last night + faulty auto relay for the pump making things more worst. Hell yea sure its  worst!! The water that should go thru the main septic tank to the pump house took a short cut by exiting thru our toilet bowl and flooded our living room and all the “najis” from half of the village making a pool inside our living room or better our house. Shit!!! oh yes it is shit alright…

As the water keep on rising my siblings make a call to the Fire and Rescue Department seeking help to pump out the dirty water out of the house and again the request was declined since they didn’t provide any service in terms of pumping out water or what so ever they call it. hmmmmm Well what to do.

My dad, my mom and my sister and her family manually scooping the water out of the house since 2:00am till 8:00am. Well someone should open their eyes, minds and specially their commonsense looking into this matter.

What if this thing happen to people who happened to be so called an important person? Will they treat them this way? Will they answer with the same attitude? I doubt it!!!!

Later around 9:00am there I saw two contractors at the pump house and ask them was it the faulty from the pump and they say it was not the pump. They told me the fault was from the auto relay pump trigger which was faulty since a week ago. They did lodge report to the relevant authorities and someone did came  and did have a look which was just a look. Oh man… it sure piss the hell out of me….

For now the pump will only be switch on manually for 4 hours and according to the workers that is the maximum time for the pump to run.

As of this time 3:45pm the last 8 hours after I make a call to the so call HOTLINE no one from the relevant authorities came to check what’s the situation of the fault at the pump house.

more on this matter at my sis FB.



Notice the water in the toilet bowl

Shots around the toilet and kitchen


Shot taken around the living room and bed room

Shots courtesy of my Father

And below are my shot in the morning…..







Taie kali tu!!!!!


Nah nyangku … taie kan …


Even the cabinet is full of water


Height of the water marked with the wooden stick at the gas tank

mana dalam tu… apa jua kan aing taie!!!!!!


timba saja tia kai panyiut.. nda jua ulah


The faulty auto relay thingy!!!



The aftermath!!!




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