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HBK & Co. Goes KNK again……

It’s the first Friday of school holiday. With lots of family wedding during the school holiday the weekends are quite packed. Since yesterday there’s no events for me to cover nor invitation, I took my family for a KNK drive about. It has been a while doing Kenali Negara Kitani of my own version. At first the planned was going to Seria Town but we changed our destination when we arrived at Kg Sungai Liang area where we went into Kg Labi.

Sure my daughters were happy and so did myself and my wife. They even reminded me of the last KNK drive which we did last year. Spending quality time with them by doing this is better as they’ll gain more knowledge by seeing and experiencing themselves the whereabouts of rural places and its inhabitants. They did asked about the long house, the names of the village like Bukit Puan, Ratan, Rampayoh etc where the road sign can be seen. Even my 9 months old daughter enjoyed the trip although she didn’t know where she’s going. 😆

The trip started from Kg Sungai Tilong in Brunei Muara District to Kg Labi in Belait District. Our first stop was at Luagan Lalak then Wasai Wong Kadir. I drove further in and saw Wasai Teraja sign and make another stop before going to the very end of the road. According to the map Teraja is the very end of Brunei Road.

After a few hours of travelling in and out we stopped for late lunch at Ayamku Restaurant and seafood then we proceeded to Sungai Liang Beach. Spend about nearly an hour there we make a move and stop by Danau in Tutong District for sunset and soon after that we headed home.

The total trip we made yesterday were 299 Kilometres for 6 hours journey back and forth. It was tiring but my wife and kids enjoyed the quality time we spend together and planned for another KNK trip soon.

Some snaps I and my eldest daughter managed to make along the way….

KNK Drive-1

KNK Drive-2

KNK Drive-4

Heavy machinery clearing logs at Luagan Lalak

KNK Drive-5

The bridge at luagan lalak


Taken by Balqis..




Humairaa’ Posing …. Smile

KNK Drive-7

Somewhere nearly to the end of the road

KNK Drive-15

KNK Drive-16

Sungai Mau / Merangking Road

KNK Drive-17

KNK Drive-18


Mariyatul at Sungai Liang Beach

KNK Drive-19

At Sungai Liang Beach

KNK Drive-27

KNK Drive-30

Brunei Shell Petroleum area at the other side

KNK Drive-32

KNK Drive-37

Danau Tutong

KNK Drive-31

Our Ride… Proudly serving us since 1997

Next trip from Lamunin Tutong – Labi Belait thru the rural roads…… insyallah

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