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Day 1 in Singapore

As been instructed and approved by the Government of His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei via Ministry Of Education and Civil Service Department, Mrs HBK was nominated to attend a course at SEAMEO RELC Singapore for 4 months doing her Post Graduate Diploma in Linguistic. The journey begins…….

Not much of photos taken… just wanted to share a few shot along the way. Some of my live update are on my twitter, picplz and four square


On Arrival


Still a long time to wait, we make decision walking to Orchard Commercial Area


Tourist tah jua banaaaaaa 😆


Pikir ku th kubur banyak hantap bunga cempaka ah


With the latest tech still we could see this magic box.. Smile



Self Portrait


City Ride??


1 Stop at 7Eleven




2nd Stop for Ice Cream


Look Familiar that logo


Gambar bawah boleh tapi jangan ke atas..


Baru tah ku pernah besigup mencari ash tray nie




Raymond Weil.. san ku jam babah nie… hahaha


Baik jua ada tipon bedasur ani..


Baga King!!!


Ngalih tu…. masa otw balik ke Seameo Relc dari Orchard



Lalah hantap udah ni



Check In … Thank to the receptionist for such a excellent service keeping our personnel belongings safe while we went out.


Went to Vivo City for Dinner accompany by Naliazor who actually in Singapore for Canon Training

Thanks Bro!!


Wakakaka binatang .. yang merah kalau ku nda salah “Gajah” tu… lol

Next post day 2…

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