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World Autism Awareness Day

2nd April 2009, Smarter Brunei launch the World Autism Awareness at the Chancellor Hall, University Brunei Darussalam. This year theme are:-
“Giant Steps to Build Brighter Future”
Backdrop on stage
Guest of Honour Minister of Health

Malai Hj Abdullah

Minister of Health delivering his speech

Receiving Sponsored Smart Board

Receiving Sponsored Projectors

Below Kids Having Fun

Cute Boy…..

Autism & ABA Day 4 and Closing Ceremony

Day 4, 5th Febuary 2009, the Seminar started as usual 7:45am registration of participants and by 8:00amthe start of the seminar. For that day parents and caregivers also attended the seminar besides the SENA and the Home Room Teachers.
Papers presented:-
  • Why Does My Child Do That?
  • Running a Home-Based Program

Parents at the Seminar
Group Photo With Dr Douglas Lee

And as for the afternoon sessions it end at 3:00pm. The Acting Head of Special Education Unit, Ministry Of Education was the gueast of honour for the closing ceremony.

Recital of Surah Al-Fatihah

Representative from the participants

Representative from Parents and Caregivers

Familiar Faces during the seminar

Guest of Honour

Participant Receiving Certificate

Dr Douglas Lee
Learning Ladders giving free posters on Autism


Autism & ABA Day 3

The 3rd Day of the seminar started at 8:00am. The registration of the participant started at 7:45am. Paper presented for that day are:-
  • Strategies for Positive Behaviour
  • Changing Behaviour

Registration of Participants

At the Main Hall
Before the start of the seminar, the recital of surah Al Fatihah was lead by Cikgu Hj Khamis bin Elim, Education Officer from Special Education Unit.
During Refreshment Break

Sessions continued after the break

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Autism & ABA ( Applied Behaviour Analysis) Day 2

The 2nd day of the seminar is for Teachers and Professionals . For the morning sessions two papers presented by Dr Douglas Lee were:-

  1. Segregation, Intergration and Inclusion
  2. Complete Pathway to Learning.
Dr Douglas Lee

Education Officer from Special Education Unit


And for the afternoon sessions papers presented was:-

  1. Antecedent and Consequences
  2. Behaviour Analysis as a Profession
  3. Administration and Management

The TWINS More Pictures Here