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Manual HDR –

Pulau Sapi

Taken at Pulau Sapi, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Mamutik Rear View

Rear View Mamutik Island

HDR is an image that are merge to make one picture. For this picture I just use 1 photo. Then I manually bracket the exposure at photomatix. Here’s the result 🙂 .

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Just trying out HDR since the sky was quite nice. This is taken from the 3rd floor of my office. More practise needed to make it smooth. 🙂

Info on pictures:-
3 bracketing
Hand Held
ISO 100, 10mm, F/5.6 , 1/640sec
Photomatix Pro 3
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 – editing for high pass sharpen
Lightroom 2.2 – adjusting clarity & Vibrance


Got this picture for quite sometime. I found this picture while I was clearing up my HDD.. It was taken by a friend of mine who is now studying in Singapore. He was trying his new HTC Touch Pro T7272. Cool shots although it’s from a camera phone. I forgot to ask him where is this place actually.

Canon 40D

Coming soon to my hands…….